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Atlanta Pilates

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atlanta-pilatesBODY-N-BALANCE is home to Atlanta Pilates Studio. You can choose from Private, Semi-Private or group classes.  BODY-N-BALANCE has grown to be one of Atlanta GA’s Pilates Studio leaders. Our outstanding highly skilled instructors’ looks forward to helping you achieve your personal wellness goals.
Pilates is a unique exercise system that provides rapid yet lasting results. Pilates works from the inside out by strengthening the core muscles that support the spine. Pilates is a series of rhythmic exercises that strengthen and balance the body, while lengthening the muscles and increasing flexibility. By focusing on quality of movement rather than quantity, Pilates can retrain your body to move more efficiently – a great benefit to anyone looking to improve their performance or overall health.

While other exercise fads have come and gone, Pilates has survived for over ninety years because it gives you the body you want. Traditional methods of exercise focus on isolating one muscle group causing weak muscles to get weaker and strong muscles to get stronger, which results in muscular imbalances that can lead to injury. In contrast, Pilates is a total body workout utilizing multiple muscle groups simultaneously, creating a symmetrical workout that integrates the upper and lower body with the core. The result is a balanced, strong, lean, and flexible body that is less prone to injury.

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